My list of frequently misspelled words

I’ve read a number of lists of frequently misspelled words, and I always end up thinking “Really? That doesn’t match my experience at all. If your methodology says that supersede is misspelled more often than its, then I think you need a new methodology.”

Of course, context matters. Professional writers misspell different words than internet forum users do. And the extent to which the writer uses a spelling or grammar checker makes a big difference.

So anyway, here’s my completely unscientific list of words I see misspelled a lot on the internet.

I’m not going to worry too much about distinguishing between a “true” spelling error, and some other kind of error, like a grammar error, punctuation error, typo, or using the wrong word. I’ll use my own judgment about how to group certain errors together. I’m not going to list the practice of using an apostrophe in a plural, though it accounts for a large percentage of misspelled words.

Word Typically misspelled…
its it’s
lose loose
you’re/your you’re/your
they’re/their/there they’re/their/there
too to
faze phase
no one noone
discreet discrete
definite definate
a lot alot
lets let’s
gets get’s
hippie hippy
oops opps
tongue tounge
rogue rouge
pique peak
eke eek
palette/palate pallet, pallete
supersede supercede
dying dyeing, dieing
desert dessert
chick chic
should’ve/could’ve/would’ve should of/could of/would of
etc. ect.

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