PKZIP “Implode” compression oddity

When I was researching old versions of PKZIP, I found that modern unzip programs aren't able to unzip the PKZIP v1.01 distribution file. Three of the member files inside the self-extracting ZIP file fail to decompress correctly. /cygdrive/c/dosprogs/ZIPTEST/101 $ unzip ../DIST/PKZ101.EXE exploding: README.DOC warning: 475 bytes required to uncompress to 873 bytes; supposed to require … Continue reading PKZIP “Implode” compression oddity

Contaminating space

In April, 2019, Israel's Beresheet spacecraft landed on crashed into the Moon. It later emerged that it was secretly carrying a supply of live tardigrades -- microscopic creatures known for their hardiness. Naturally, many observers, joking or not, brought up the idea of accidentally contaminating the Moon with destructive Earth life. I worry about a … Continue reading Contaminating space

Survey of ZIP APPNOTE documents

[2019-09-21: I've edited this document to include some new discoveries.] I already wrote an article about the version history of the PKZIP software, so now it's time for one about the version history of the ZIP format. That sounds like it should be easy, but… not so much. I think the format versions are more … Continue reading Survey of ZIP APPNOTE documents