About that JPEG/ZIP/Shakespeare hybrid file

The other day, a Twitter user (David Buchanan, @David3141593) posted a message that gained some attention. It has an attached JPEG file, with an image of William Shakespeare. If you save a copy of the JPEG file, and unzip it as if it were a ZIP file, it unzips into the complete works of Shakespeare. … Continue reading About that JPEG/ZIP/Shakespeare hybrid file

How is a JPEG image’s color type determined?

In order to decode and display a JPEG image, you have to know what "color type" (or "color model") it uses. There are several possibilities that your software probably ought to handle: Grayscale YCbCr (transformed from RGB) RGB YCCK (transformed from CMYK) CMYK Unfortunately, if you look at all the bits and bytes that make … Continue reading How is a JPEG image’s color type determined?