How to vote in a late-stage two-party system

No voting system is perfect, but one of the worst systems that is even remotely compatible with democracy is the one known as first-past-the-post. In the simplest form of this system, each voter gets one vote per contest. A contest may have more than two candidates. The candidate with the most votes wins, even if … Continue reading How to vote in a late-stage two-party system

The Cleveland baseball team

I see that the Cleveland Indians baseball team is finally going to change their nickname. I think that's probably a good thing. For one thing, the word "Indians" is ambiguous, and you wouldn't want to accidentally demean people from South Asia, when you're trying to demean people from North America. They say they haven't chosen … Continue reading The Cleveland baseball team

My list of frequently misspelled words

I've read a number of lists of frequently misspelled words, and I always end up thinking "Really? That doesn't match my experience at all. If your methodology says that supersede is misspelled more often than its, then I think you need a new methodology." Of course, context matters. Professional writers misspell different words than internet … Continue reading My list of frequently misspelled words