Simple classification of radioactive decay

In how many different ways can an isolated neutral non-exotic atom decay? When an atom decays, it spontaneously changes into something else. That "something else" is inevitably two or more particles, none of which is the same kind of atom as the original. I also need to also explain what a "kind of atom" is. … Continue reading Simple classification of radioactive decay

Survey of MacPaint brush patterns

MacPaint is a paint program for early Macintosh computers. You can see it, and try it out, at the Internet Archive: <;. Its native image file format is very limited, and very obsolete. But a large number of MacPaint files were created, back in the day, and some of them can still be found. For … Continue reading Survey of MacPaint brush patterns

True AI would definitely destroy us

I've never seen a single credible reason why an artificially intelligent computer program (AI), one comparable to a human brain, wouldn't spell doom for humanity. (Please note that I'm talking about true, strong AI, which by all accounts does not yet exist. I'm not talking about a neural network that beats you at chess, or … Continue reading True AI would definitely destroy us